We have several training aids ranging from our 2 Dumb Bells to touchscreen monitors and Bluetooth headphones. Much of the equipment available belongs to the Centre but we also house some equipment on behalf of the Whiting Society, but while in our possession we have the use of it.

The equipment setup allows for many configurations of how we can use the equipment from straightforward to several complex scenarios. An example of a complex scenario is illustrated in some of the photographs. The equipment ranges from a touchscreen monitor to some garden canes suspending cheap shower curtains.

The images above show two training sessions in progress at the same time. The one-on-one training has the pupil and the instructor communicating via headsets with built-in microphones whilst the ringers on bells 4-7 are ringing a minor method with all the ringers wearing headsets but only the conductor (in the black) having a microphone. These ringers are separated from the one-on-one setup by the shower curtains so that there is no visual distraction.

Below are images of our Dumb Bells being made and installed in early 2006.